Sew Dog Clothes and Pattern 

 January 13, 2022

By  Katarina Brundin

If you like sewing and knitting, why not make clothes and patterns for dogs.

. If you have a dog, there are many DO-IT-YOURSELF ideas on the internet. 

Personally, I have a dog, don't do much for herself. Otherwise, I sew and knit a lot. 

Sewed clothes for my children when they were little, so why not for dogs and cats. (There are designs for cats too.) 

sew dog clothes and pattern

I have a lot of ideas about what to do. I myself have been a beginner, so I was looking for patterns on the internet. 

What I was looking for was free sewing patterns, which you can print, for dog clothes and how to sew dog clothes out of human clothes. 

And since I was a beginner, I also searched for how to make dog clothes from scratch.

Old jeans, pants of other materials, t-shirts and fleece sweaters are certainly in their hides in the closets that you can start using as a beginner and try.

If you start searching online, you'll find as much as you want.

Here are some examples on Free Dog Clothes Patterns

Patterns and Materials for Dog Clothes

You can make simple clothes for your dog and harder and it's there online.

If you sew yourself, you can choose your fabrics and patterns and put your personal touch on the garment.

There you have nice clothes to buy, but sometimes you will not find what feels so obvious to the dog and himself.

If you are not sure what material to have , e.g. for dog jacket, dog blanket, you can search online or go to a fabric store and ask which fabric fits.

It doesn't always get cheaper to sew yourself. Fabric nowadays is expensive, but it depends on what you are going to sew.

 It takes some time to sew up some dog clothes. Check out what it costs to sew yourself and buy ready-made dog clothes.

Then, of course, the interest and creating yourself will determine what is best.

Sewing machine

Sew Simple Dog Clothes

If you are not used to sewing with a sewing machine or have a simpler sewing machine, scarf, hats or a simpler dog blanket are easiest to start with

( see below – of pap bag, good pattern to start with ).

Dog Pattern

Then there are a lot of patterns, descriptions and videos online that you can work with as a beginner or if you can sew.

Also how to turn old clothes into dog clothes in a very simple way.


The first thing to start with is to measure the dog.  See my blogg: 

 Dog clothes – useful dogs clothes .

The patterns are divided according to the weight or length of the dog. On the patterns

I think you can take a little longer in length, so that it goes properly over the back hips.     

The first dog garment I made 13 years ago, is still on the internet and is by far the easiest thing to do.

Sew Dog Clothes scissor

The first dog garment I made 13 years ago, is still on the internet and is by far the easiest thing to do.

I took an old college shirt and cut my arm off.

Took the arm and cut up the cuff, so that it could be pulled over the head, which would become the collar.

Measured the distance between the beginning of the shirt, the collar, and down to the front legs.

There I cut up 2 holes to the front leg and then on with my arm. Cut to the back so it was just right long.

Websites for sew dog clothes and pattern for free

Now I was going to show you some good and practical dog clothes you can make.

The first one, of course, is the one I told you about, the sweater.

Dog Sweater

The link to the image:

 Webb page:

A pattern for the first time

With this description how to make a pattern for the first time for your dog is simply super.

Can be made of fleece or other soft fabric.

Sew Dog Clothes Pattern

The link to the image:

Webb Page:

A simple dog sweater

Here is a page with a simple pattern and also a video on how to make a simple dog sweater.

Dog Sweater

The link to the image:

P.S As you can see, in the video she used flannel for the back. but you can use the t-shirt fabric for both pieces.

A dog bandana

How to make a dog bandana? Easy, this is like a shawl that you tie.

On this website you have a good description of how to do it -

Dimensions, Description and Video.

Webb Page:

A bandana with ribbons

This is a bandana with ribbons that you tie with

Dog Banan

Webb Page:

The dog collar

Scarf that you put on the dog collar. Image description and video. Also shows how to sew your own dog collar.

Webb Page:

Collar Scarf

Dog T-Shirt

Made of an old t-shirt. Use the size of the dog. A good site where Claire shows how easy it is to make a t-shirt for her dog.

Webb Page:

Dog Shirt

Why not a nice shirt for a festive evening. I think it is very nice and if you have a male or female,

then you choose fabric after that.

Dog T-shirt

Webb Page:

Dog Pyjamas

The pattern here is for small dogs and made of a baby pajamas.

Webb Page:

Dog Winterjacket

The last pattern is a little harder, but with a little practice it will be nice. I think it's great and read the instructions carefully before you start.

Dog Winter jacket

Webb Page:

Maybe you ask yourself - Can you sew from a knitted sweater with a nice pattern?

No, do not. The yarn can detach from the seams and it will not look good.

It is better to knit sweaters yourself because it will be a better fit and soft.

Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis. Have a fabric that fits the garment you are going to sew.

 Winter jacket you can take your own jacket, a thinner cover jacket, which also withstands rain or snow.

Using your own old clothes is a good workout and in the end also finding the right size.

When you become confident, you can start buying fabric.

It may not be cheaper to sew yourself than to finish buying.

But think how proud you become and the joy it gives.

It only takes time, patience and imagination to create a nice garment for your friend.

Katarina Brundin

This is about dogs and what is important to them. Are you interested in needlework or other activities. Are there any tips and ideas on what to do with your dog.

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