Knitted Dog Sweater and Other Pattern 

 January 18, 2022

By  Katarina Brundin

In this blog I will write about knitted dog sweater and pattern, crochet as well.

This post about knitting for dogs is a great place to start for those of you who are interested in learning how to knit and crochet for dogs.

Will give tips on dog websites that you can visit to get more in-depth information and some easy freedog clothes pattern to get you started.

There are many dog clothes patterns out there , and it's easy to find what you are looking to make.and then

Further down I will show you a quick video view - How to knit a dog sweater.

Will tell you about yarn that best suits the sweater and why.

I've been knitting and crocheting for years and I have a lot of experience making sweaters and other garments.

It's fun to do something about your four-legged friends, especially when it's cold outside , and they need some extra warmth.

They will love you for it too! 

I think if you start knitting or sewing your own clothes for your dog, even though it can be a bit expensive, it's fun and nice.

And in any case, you get appreciation from the environment.

Keep reading to learn more about this topic. I'm sure you will find it useful and entertaining. 

knitted dog sweater

It should be a simple pattern for a dog sweater.

If it gets too complicated, you don't want to continue and possibly not develop your creation.

Best yarn to knit or crochet with.

In my blog - sewing dog clothes - there I wrote about materials or fabrics to sew with.

Even here, wool is also the best material to use.

Type of yarn which I will present:

  • Acrylic
  • Wool
  • Cotton


What is recommended is yarn made of acrylic.

The dog sweater knitted from acrylic yarn will be a durable sweater, withstand many washes and keep fit.

When you get acrylic yarn for a dog sweater, it may turn out that the yarn can be annoying to your dog.

It is not a big problem because their fur can act as a barrier to the skin.

Another thing to keep in mind – despite its durability – an acrylic yarn sweater can get very wet and heavy when it gets wet.


knitted dog sweater

Wool is warm and cozy yarn. 

We like our sweaters in the winters. 

Why not knit an equally nice sweater for our best friend, who also gets a warm and comfortable feeling.

Wool yarn is suitable for winter weather of various kinds, such as snow, rain and extreme cold.

If the dog sweater gets wet, it retains heat. Which acrylic yarn doesn't.

This way, your dog will not be uncomfortable wearing the shirt.

Wool yarn naturally breathes better than acrylic yarn.

Get a wool yarn that can be washed (recommended), so you can wash the shirt regularly without the shirt shrinking or tovasing.

The negative thing about wool is that the dog sweater gets quite rough and the dog can get an irritation or itching.


Most often the second or third choice of materials for knitting or crochet projects.

Cotton is a sustainable choice – 100% biodegradable – environmentally friendly.

knitted dog sweater
A sweater made of cotton yarn can be nice to put on on a chilly day/evening instead of a wool sweater, which can get too hot.

Thanks to its ability to breathe, the dog can feel extra comfortable in cooler weather.otton is water resistant and can be machine washed. So rain and spots are no problem.

However, due to its inelastic nature, the sweater can become heavy and saggy in a wet state.

As a first project, cotton yarn is not recommended. Start with an acrylic yarn.

How to make a knitted dog sweater?

Important things to keep in mind before starting to knit or crochet dog sweater:

  • What kind of shirt
    For daily use in mild weather, cotton is a good option.For holidays or winter, acrylic or wool is the best.
  • Measuring the dog
    Measuring the dog is important to find the right size and know how much yarn will be used.
    Important to keep in mind is if you have a puppy, is to make the sweater bigger so that there is to grow in it.
  • What kind of shirt
    For daily use in mild weather, cotton is a good option.For holidays or winter, acrylic or wool is the best.
  •  What the shirt should look like on your dog
    What color it should be so the shirt matches your dog's furmference, back, neck and legs.
    It is important to determine how much yarn you need. And to find out what size. Important to keep in mind is if you have a puppy, is to make the sweater bigger so that there is to grow in it.
  • What the shirt should look like on your dog?
  •  What color it should be so the shirt matches your dog's fur?

Websites to visit with knitted dog sweater and other pattern

Here are some handy websites to explore on the subject:

Free Pattern

Here are simple patterns to make for the dog:

Beautiful Fall Dog Sweater Knitting Patterns

On this page you will find several stylish autumn sweaters and information on how to knit.

Seven Free Dog Sweater Patterns:


Make your furriest friend look chic and coz

On this page you will find a little more difficult models, but if you are used to knitting, it is not difficult. There are also simple patterns.

5 free dog sweater knitting patterns: - 

A little more challenging pattern, but fun to do.

There is a video here to - How to knit a dog sweater

For Christmas. You want the doggy to be nice.
This Christmas sweater is not red and white, but nice in its own way -

Christmas sweater

Here it should be crocheted

Two good sides with light patterns.
The first page is very simple, step by step - Crochet Basic Dog Sweater -
This side has been crocheted so that a pattern is formed, which means that there is some life in the sweater - 
dog sweater
It finished knitting
On the internet you can find just about anything when it comes to dog clothes. Even cat clothes. 

The question is what you want to do. If you search, you will eventually find what you want to do.

Then you should have yarn and there are online stores and those who have a website about knitting and crocheting dog clothes, also sell patterns and yarn.

You can also find patterns and materials on other social media, such as pinterest.

There is so much. Only imagination and creativity are needed.

Small projects can make you learn more about knitting and crochet.

And maybe even do something new.

When you have finished your work, just take a walk with your friend's dog.

Many will look a little more than usual. But be proud of your work.

Katarina Brundin

This is about dogs and what is important to them. Are you interested in needlework or other activities. Are there any tips and ideas on what to do with your dog.

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