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 January 12, 2022

By  Katarina Brundin

The most important clothes to your dog.

There are lots of dog clothes out there in the trade and it is difficult to find the right and useful dog clothes

The main thing is to think about the needs of the animal. It can depend on the breed, size, activity and age. 

Group of dogs

Smaller breeds that have very short or thin furs can benefit from clothes.

If the dog does not want to go out in rain, snow or chilly weather, a jacket can be good.

Larger dogs with dense fur do not have as much need for clothes.

Older dogs may need an extra jacket or sweater. They may have a weaker immune system or a disease that makes them need something extra on them.

Dressing the dog should be simple, practical and beneficial for both the animal and man. The clothes should be for the needs of the animal.

To consider is whether the dog wants to wear clothes or if there is a need for it.

Look at the dog's behavior first.

If the dog doesn't want to wear clothes, what do you do? If it is important, you  to start training a little, or example with a scarf collars first.

Dogs with scarfs

Let the dog wear it for 2-3 minutes and then lots of praise and sweets. Increase the time a little at a time and then start again in the same way with larger clothes. 

And don't forget of course lots of praise and candy.

Clothes are needed as in cold, rain, sun and dirt. Here I will tell about the most important clothes and its purpose. Won't bring up funny clothes.

Buying dog clothes – The most important factors


Important to measure the dog's neck, chest, body length (distance from the neck to the base of the tail) and the actual weight of the dog.

Check around the arms and neck for free movement.

A very good and descriptive page on how to measure.

Measurement table

Link to ninna's dog clothes

1.Neck (measure around)

2. Back (measure the back by measuring from the end of the neck and to the root of the tail. Add a few cm to the left jacket)

3. Around the chest (just behind the front legs, measure around)

4. Stomach (measure around)

5. Width of hind legs (all around, as high as you can measure around the leg)

6. Hind leg length (NOTE, not the dog's but the overalls' legs with cuffs)

7. Width of the front leg (all around, as high as you can measure around the leg)

8. Front leg length (NOTE, not the dog's but the overalls' legs with cuffs)

9. For dogs under the abdomen (measure from the edge of the cervix and the abdomen, to the cuff at the end of the abdomen)

Materials for dogs clothes

Wool, absolutely the best, but think about how often you should wash it.

Good material is:  

  • washable wool and cotton 
  • fleece
  • acrylic


Here you should use your common sense. Think about what weather you can expect where you live.

Like dog clothes

It should be simple, practical and functional. It should be easy to get on and off the garment. Easy to care for, wash and cook.

The Best Useful Dogs Clothes

Dog clothes that are good to have at home as a base and then it depends on where you live and what kind of activity you have.

Check out another pages about dog clothes, because there are many pages on the internet.

These are dog clothes that you can think of as a base.

  • Raincoat
  • Jackets
  • Hoodies and Sweatshirt
  • T-shirt
  • West
  • Overall
  • Dog Cooling West

Dog Raincoat

Dog with Raincoat

Going out in rain and mist or fog means poor visibility for all road users. A rain jacket that is colorful and with reflectors you can be seen properly.

A rain jacket with a good fit keeps the dog dry and makes it easier to wipe the dog then well back home.

With a hood or not does not matter, only the dog likes it.

Important with rain jacket is for smaller dogs, puppies and older dogs that can more easily get cold or get disease.

Dog winterjacket

Winterjacket for dogs

The most important thing is functionality and style. It is available with sleeves, sleeveless, water resistant, reversible coats, hoodies, with collar, loop or holes to attach the leash and various brackets.

If your dog has short fur, shudders easily or just crawls up to warmer places indoors, a warming jacket can be good to wear outdoors.

Remember to take it easy, walk slowly and get used to the dog gradually and of course fit. A dog jacket helps your dog save on body heat.

Dog Hoodies and Dog Sweatshirt

Hoodies sor dogs

A must for every puppy when the weather gets cooler. Can be with or without a hood.Material

according to the needs of the dog, knitwear, fleece or cotton. 

A good option if you are just going to go for

a short walk ex around the block or while in the yard.

Dog T-shirt


A t-shirt with out a hood, in jersey, can be another good alternative in strong sun or when it is slightly chilly. 

I myself have a naked dog and in the spring, where we live, the sun is strong.

We use a t-shirt instead of sunscreen.

Tough and cute t-shirts can give many hugs and pats.

Dog West

Dog west

Perfect when it's sunny, but chilly ex on a beautiful autumn day,

Dog west made of polyester fleece, is soft, flexible, warm and easy to wear. But a nice collar can be nice and warming.

The vest can also be nice to wear under a rain jacket on the rainy walk.

And do not forget to have a proper reflective West ready.

Dog Overall

Dog overall

An overall has many features. It keeps out water and dirt. Should have a high adjustable collar that covers the dog's neck and to protect the ears from the wind.

A well-seated fleece jumpsuit keeps the dog warm in cold conditions.

The cutting of the overalls allows it to adapt to the movements of the dog.

It is also a good alternative to a dog that is not used to wearing clothes.

 A jumpsuit also keeps the dog's large muscle groups warm and also protects the cold-sensitive abdominal area, chest and legs.

The overall is suitable as a warm-up between training sessions for active dogs, e.g. racing dogs.

For exhibition dogs you wear overalls to protect the fur.

A winter jumpsuit is good for small dogs that are closer to the ground and can get otherwise frozen.

Snow lumps in the fur, on paws and stomach protect a well-adapted overall.

Which one to choose depends on the area of use the overalls should be used for.

Dog Cooling West

Cooling west for dogs

A cooling west is good to wear when you live where it is hot or there is a heatwave.

The clot helps the dog regulate its body temperature and prevent heatstroke.

You should soak it in cool water, not icy cold water.

Suitable for all dogs, small and large and all ages.

Final words

To dress your dog with clothes should be careful. There should be a good reason to put on your dog's clothes. Think before and why?

Dressing it can be nice, fun and sweet, but see your dog first. She / He is primarily a dog. A dog already has a shelter, the fur, which is adapted for changing weather.

If it is weather like pouring rain, several sub-zero temperatures and storm, a jacket or rain jacket is a complement to provide an extra protectio n.

Another aspect, of course, is the breed. Small dogs, short fur or nude dogs need protection from moisture, cold and wind so they do not get sick.

Working dogs, racing dogs or other physically strenuous activities may need something on before and after the effort to prevent injuries.

You can say it again, think before you do, what the purpose of the clothes should be. A lot of it is about caring for your animal, because you care. But let it be simple and practical. The garment should be useful.

Katarina Brundin

This is about dogs and what is important to them. Are you interested in needlework or other activities. Are there any tips and ideas on what to do with your dog.

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